Day 264

Romans 6:14

For sin shall not be your master, because you are not under the law, but under grace.

Thanks to the cross of Christ, we are no longer under the law. God’s grace has won out and we have been set free. This freedom is not based on our performance, our goodness, or living a strict adherence to the rules; it is only by the blood of Christ that we have been released from the law.

“Sin shall not have dominion over you – It has neither right nor power…” says John Wesley’s Commentary. Yet, many still struggle to keep their “freedom” in check. For me, the fact that such a high price was paid for my life compels me to live a life worthy of that sacrifice.

I’m praying today that the prodigal recognizes the grace of God and their release from the law. I also pray that sin will have no power over them and they will be drawn to live a life worthy of the sacrifice made on their behalf.

Romans 6:14

For sin shall not be ________’s master, because he/she is not under the law, but under grace.