August 17

Jeremiah 1:5a

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart….

It gives me great comfort and joy to know that before I was born God had a destiny for me. Somehow the pain and trials I’ve walked through have some clarity and purpose. God wants to keep us on the path that gives us the most abundant life but it won’t be without difficulty. Sometimes that difficulty is just part of the process; sometimes it’s of our own making, but it is all part of our story.

There is also great comfort knowing He has a destiny for each of our prodigals. While they were in the womb He could see their future. I have to wait for it to unfold but the pages are pretty much written and we can trust Him with our prodigal.

My prayer for the prodigal is that they will see themselves as “set apart”.  I pray they will walk in the destiny God has for them, His master plan for their life!

Jeremiah 1:5a

Before I formed ________ in the womb I knew him/her, before ________ was born I set him/her apart….

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