January 11

Daniel 9:23a

“As soon as you began to pray, an answer was given”…

Daniel’s prayer in Chapter 9 is a cry to the Lord for the forgiveness of His people. Daniel is pleading and fasting on their behalf, asking that the Lord would look with favor on them once again. He calls on God to be merciful. While he was still speaking, Gabriel shows up and delivers this message. I envision all of heaven poised, just waiting to spring into action.

What a wonderful thought — when we pray a prayer that invoke’s God’s mercy, the instant we start praying, the answer is given. It may take some time for all the details to work out but we can be sure that He hears and is acting on our behalf.

I pray the prodigal will come to see their prayers being answered as they confess sin. They may not have a visit from Gabriel, but I pray they sense the Lord springing into action on their behalf.

Daniel 9:23a

“As soon as ________¬†began to pray, an answer was given”…

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