February 29

Because this is a leap year, I get a bonus day; one that will hopefully encourage you as you continue to pray for your prodigal’s return…

Jeremiah 27:27

“I am the Lord , the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?”

I’m convinced that there truly is nothing too hard for God. Our prayers may not be answered just as we would like, but He is faithful to work all things for good; our good and our prodigal’s.

I read these words from Graham Cooke and thought they fit us as intercessors for the prodigal….

“In the past, I took all my emotional cues from what was happening in my circumstances or from the attitudes of the world around me, rather than the Kingdom within. Believe me, it did not work. I’m sure it was a relief to everyone as I began to learn that my reality came from the internal Christ.”

We love the prodigal and can find ourselves discouraged at times because we don’t see their life playing out as we’d hoped. I think it’s important to draw encouragement from what we know to be true (the Kingdom within) rather than what we see with our eyes.

Let’s pray for the prodigal to tap into the reality that lies within them as well… the internal Christ!



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