February 28

Friends we have reached 365 days of praying God’s Word over our prodigals! Thank you for your encouragement along the way. I pray this year of verses has drawn your heart to trust in God’s faithfulness regarding your prodigal. For those who have recently joined us, keep going, and know many of us are right there with you…

2 Timothy 4:17a NLT

But the Lord stood with me and gave me strength.

We never stand alone. The Father is there whether we choose to recognize it or not.

I pray the prodigal will sense His presence with them as they begin to move in a new life, possibly new surroundings, with new friends. I pray they won’t feel alone and the greatest encouragement they feel is from the one standing right alongside them.

2 Timothy 4:17a NLT

But the Lord stood with _________ and gave him/her strength….

2 thoughts on “February 28

  1. Thank you so much. I have loved receiving all the Scriptures and the encouragement. Many of them I print out and keep in my Bible and share with other Moms. This is a great ministry!


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